Garbage Services in Lyndon

In the end of June the town-contracted trash hauler with Lyndon, Earley Rubbish and Recycling, stopped picking up the curbside trash along their route. The town contracted with this company in order to provide residents with a lower cost service. Based on requests from website visitors, All Things Lyndon is providing the current update and information, as of date of publish, in this blog post.

Without much in the way for answers in terms of Earley’s absence, the town brought in outside companies to ease the accruing garbage, enabling residents to dispose of the rubbish but only if they brought it to designated sites at specific times and paid the associated fees.

In an effort to come up with a long-term solution, the select board voted to terminate the contract with Earley Rubbish and Recycling. According to the town’s website, there will no longer be trash services provided through the town. Instead, residents must contract with a local trash company or bring garbage to designated “fast trash” sites, both at their own expense.

The most up-to-date information can be found on the Town of Lyndon’s website: Please contact them directly for additional information or questions.

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